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The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential represents the highest standards of performance and understanding in educational facilities management.

CEFP is the only facilities credential that focuses on your professional development, while encompassing the full, multi-disciplinary range of educational facilities management principles and practices – from planning, design and construction to daily operations and general management.

Now Is Your Moment. Take the Journey.

Obtaining the CEFP is both a personal commitment and a professional development journey. And it is APPA – the leader in educational facilities management training, best practices, standards, and research – that supplies you with the training tools that take you on your path to success.

The APPA training you receive is the official and approved CEFP Credentialing Curriculum. The CEFP Credentialing Curriculum will provide you with access to the latest theory, understanding and most widely-recognized and successful practices in our profession. Better yet, it’s now available to you completely online, through the APPA Learning Center.


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Recent CEFP and EFP Recipients

  • CEFP Recipients

    Tom Abram - San Diego State University
    Jessica Di Martino - University of California/San Francisco-Campus Life Services
    Kenneth Marentette - Cushman & Wakefield
    Terry Brown - Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
    Dennis Bailey - Florida State University
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  • EFP Recipients

    Ellen Agnew - University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Beth Furraitti - Cuyahoga Community College
    Dave Lampinen - Michigan Technological University
    Christopher Maxson - Michigan Technological University
    Carol Cool - Michigan State University
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